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President of IMDAT

Prof. Oguz Polat, M.D.

Oğuz Polat was  born  on 06/03/1959  in Atlanta/Georgia  U.S.A. He  graduated  from school of Medicine of İstanbul University in 1983. He attended as professor at Marmara Medical  School, department of forensic medicine in 1990.  He was the head of the Council of Forensic Medicine of  Mınıstry of Justice between 2000-2003  He was the lecturer of  Department of Forensic Medicine of  Marmara Medical School of Marmara University since 2009. He worked as a researcher and lecturer in Begun Violence Prevention Center of Case Western Reserve Unıversity between 2010-2012  Also he is lecturing to medical, law and psychology schools of  five universities  about  forensic medicine, criminology   and child rights.


He has 120  articles  about   Child abuse, Child’s Rights, Children at Risk , Violence  toward children  and Forensic medicine   and  25  books   about   Child abuse, Child’s Rights, violence  and Forensic Medicine  including all aspects  of child abuse. Also he is at the editorial board of   6  medical journals.


Prof. Polat is an NGO volunteer and child rights expert. He is the founder and was board director of Street Children Rehabilitation Association (2004-2008) and  Child Abuse Protection and Rehabilitation Association (ÇİKORED)(1992-2010), Child Rights National Coalition and  Network who are members of European Child Rights NGO Coalition’s Coalition  between 2004-20010.


He was the coordinator of Child Rights Coalition which  is established at 1997 untıl  2007  and wrote the first alternative country report. Polat was the main reporteuer of the alternative report. Also he was the coordinator of civil movements for child rights 0-18 between  2004-2010.


Now he is founder and head of IMDAT (Violence Protection and Rehabilitatıon   Associatıon ) since 2014 .Also he is the dırector  of  ASUMA Violence  and Crimes  Research Center of Acıbadem  Unıversity.


He is expert  on child rights , child abuse and street children. Also he is studying about  new models for ınstitutional care   especially  for abused children and street children


He  had responsibilities in the 6 projects  as consultant or coordinator   wıth UNICEF, E.U. and CFLI  since 2000  named;


-  Training  of  forensic medicine specialists as a member of  multidiscipliner  diagnosis and treatment teams  for child abuse  (UNİCEF Project -2001)


-Desktop review of situation  of children need of  special protection measures and mapping of institutıons providing serices for them in 25 provinces in Turkiye (UNICEF Project-2003 )


-Reproductive health and rights trainings for service providers who are dealing with the cases of  violence  ( E.U project-2004 )


-Support Line for Children on Sexual Health and Reproductive Health: Exposure of Sexual Abuse against Children (E.U. Project-2005 )


-Building A Local System of Governance Committed To Children's Social Inclusion : Developing Local Plan of Actions Project (E.U project-2007  )


- Zero Tolerance to Forced Marriages (The Canadian Ankara Embassy, Canada Local Initiatives Fund (CFLI) Project, July 2019 July – March 2020)

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